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Hi, I’m Sarah.

Chief Content & Operations Officer at Agile Impact Group

Sarah Mayes

A seasoned leader with 12 years of agency experience crafting content for clients, from strategy to execution.

Writer. Creative. Leader. Collaborator. Advocate. Educator. Lifelong Learner.

  • Accomplished creator and marketing professional with a proven ability to grow collaborative teams and drive profitable business units.
  • Single-handedly built her agency’s creative department from the ground up, taking it from a cost center to a business unit that brought in 40% of total company revenue in 2023.
  • Respected team leader and advocate for direct reports, valuing autonomy, cross-team collaboration, and individual growth. 
  • Effective project lead with a reputation for being highly organized and responsive, ensuring clients’ goals are met or exceeded, keeping teams aligned, and adapting as needed to move forward.
  • Critical thinker with the ability to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions.


Chief Content / Operations Officer @  Agile Impact Group  /  2015 to Present

Content strategy and creation, brand communications, website management and digital asset management. Work with brands to create and implement professional trainings, content and social media strategies, digital communities, and product rollouts. Develop iterative, sustainable, and transparent processes for project management. 

Content Director @  Agile Impact Group  /  2014 – 2015

Lead the Content Team, overseeing a small team of contract writers, community managers, and social media strategists. Create and manage social media campaigns and content strategies for clients. Grow and develop in-house social media and content team. Hire and train new employees. Develop training programs for Agile Impact and clients  

Senior Content Manager @  Agile Impact  / 2013 – 2014

Craft compelling content for a variety of client projects and internal initiatives, including the management of dozens of websites and blogs and associated social media channels. Grow content-related client offerings.


I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Idaho with a BA in English and Secondary Education. While in school, I was active in leadership roles in my sorority (Kappa Delta), participated in extracurricular activities, as a student liaison for First Book, and received top honors within the English department. Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, I earned my diploma from Boise High School.

Education is not always represented by diplomas and certificates; I strongly believe in being a lifelong learner. Since receiving my degree, my skillset has expanded significantly–and I don’t plan on ever stopping. 

My love of writing started me on my career path. Being able to help others tell their stories and connect with their audiences has kept me here. Using my passion to help others make their mark fuels me.


Sarah is the Chief Content & Operations Officer at Agile Impact Group, a Seattle-based brand management firm. She has a strong background in and love for writing and mentorship. She began her career as an educator before becoming a copywriter in 2012. In her current role, she is involved in content at every step of the process, from strategy to execution.

Sarah has directly created or overseen the planning, creation, and publication of content in its many forms, including social media posts, advertisements, product descriptions, email newsletters, blog posts, website copy, white papers, case studies, professional trainings, content strategies, brand guides, training presentations, and more.

Her clients range across a variety of B2B and B2C sectors, including healthcare, oncology, health & wellness, retail, food & beverage, venture capital, solar energy, education, and politics. She has worked with clients in all sizes and forms: individuals, sole proprietorships, small businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and Fortune 100 companies. 

At the end of a long day, she likes to relax by taking care of her two-year-old son and his fur-sister, a golden retriever named Lux.


  • Content Design, Strategy, and Marketing
  • Writing & Editing
  • Team Management
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Analytics
  • PR/Communications
  • Client Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Adobe Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom)
  • SEMRush
  • Airtable
  • Asana
  • WordPress CMS
  • Divi visual builder
  • Email marketing softwares
  • Google Analytics

Professional Accomplishments

I  built my agency’s content and creative department from the ground up, taking it from a cost center to a business unit accounting for 25% of total revenue in 2022 and 40% of total revenue in 2023.

I have a reputation for creating efficient processes that enable my team to work smarter and my projects to run smoothly. I spearheaded the integration of tools such as Gusto, Asana, and Airtable into our team’s workflowall of which are now integral to operations. I am skilled at cross-team collaboration, project management, client communication (including with corporate C-suite and executive-level positions), and relationship-building.

In 2023, 100% of my projects renewed (annual contracts) or continued (month-to-month contracts). In addition, I regularly receive referrals for new projects from existing or past clients, which I consider one of the highest compliments a client can give.

In 2022, I was invited to speak at a client’s annual marketing meeting. I presented on using data & SEO to enhance marketing effectiveness to marketers for community-based oncology practices ranging in size from 5 to 500 providers.

I designed my agency’s current templates for proposals, content strategies, and a variety of client reports and deliverables. I also have experience designing annual reports and long-form publications such as e-books and novels. My close attention to detail, critical thinking, and obsession with clean visual design have enabled me to excel in these tasks.


Urologist in California Seeking a Book Deal

The task: establishing and growing their social media presence and website through ads and organic content.


Growing a Women’s Wellness Brand’s Presence in Search & Social

The task: establishing and driving traffic to the company blog, social media profiles, and Amazon product paid–all organically.


A Civics-Based Nonprofit With a Mission… But No Traffic

The task: writing, publishing, and promoting blog posts on the website and social media to grow visibility, traffic, and influence.

Think I’d  be a good fit? I’d love to talk. 

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