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A Civics-Based Nonprofit With a Mission… But No Traffic

The task: writing, publishing, and promoting blog posts on the website and social media to grow visibility, traffic, and influence.

The Situation:

The client was a new nonprofit dedicated to civics education. We were tasked with writing, publishing, and promoting blog posts on the website and social media channels to grow the nonprofit’s visibility, website traffic, and influence

The Tactics:

First and foremost, our client needed civics-related content to share with its audiences. We developed daily articles to seed the website with prior to beginning other promotion. Once the website had enough content to promote, our team implemented SEM and social media ads to drive targeted traffic to the website homepage and individual articles, grow the social media following, and garner engagement. We used retargeting and email newsletters to bring users to the site again and again, building loyalty.

The Results:

  • Achieved nearly 20k visitors per month 
  • Grew the nonprofit’s social media following by 80%
  • Garnered 9-10k engagements and over 200k impressions per month on social media

Monthly Website Visitors


Social Media Growth

Monthly Impressions

My Role:

  • Blog topic development
  • Editorial calendar management
  • Oversight of a team of in-house and contract writers, including assigning and editing content
  • Setup and management of social media advertisements
  • Design and management of email newsletter, including implementation of website popups to encourage subscriptions
  • Monthly progress reporting
  • Client communications