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Print Book Formatting

You’ve spent countless hours bringing your story to life. Don’t sell yourself short by giving your readers anything but a gorgeous design to immerse themselves in.

Some writers will tell you to just format your book with Microsoft Word and call it a day. But here’s the thing: Microsoft Word is a word processer, made for getting words into a document. It’s not designed to make those words, paragraphs, and pages look beautiful (no matter the number of amazing fonts you have). If you want your book to match truly be shelf-ready, Microsoft Word isn’t going to cut it.

I offer two options for print book formatting – basic and premium. The basic option is cost-effective and ideal for books that do not require complex formatting. It has limited customization available. The premium option is 100% customizable for books with unique layouts or authors who want every single detail to be just so.

What’s Included in Basic:

You’ll receive a .pdf file that is publish-ready. The following features are included with basic print formatting:

  • Your choice of trim sizes, based on a list of the most common options (I will also let you know which options are supported by KDP and Ingram Spark)
  • Title page and copyright page
  • Table of contents
  • Semi-customizable chapter headings, with drop cap or small caps options
  • Page headers and page numbers (not customizable)
  • Custom scene break images
  • Hyphenation options
  • Widow and orphan control

What’s Included in Premium:

You’ll receive a .pdf file that is publish-ready. The following features are included with premium print formatting:

  • Your choice of any trim size
  • Fully customizable content and formatting, including (but not limited to) title page, copyright, dedication, table of contents, chapter headings, page headers and numbers, and scene breaks
  • Customizable hyphenation options
  • Widow and orphan control


My print formatting rates start at $75 per book for basic and $125 per book for premium. These rates are based on total word count. For example, the initial prices above are based on a book that contains 50,000 words or fewer. This starting rate assumes that the book contains no or few images; while I can accommodate image-heavy books, the pricing is higher, as each image must be placed individually into the file.

For image-heavy books such as children’s books, I recommend the premium option to ensure images are placed with precision and with custom text wrapping. While the basic option can include images, the formatting is limited and may not be ideal. 

Please note that neither option includes cover design. If this is something you are interested in, please let me know and we can discuss it as a custom add-on. As I am not an artist, any artwork you want to feature will need to be provided.

Looking for e-book and print formatting? Great news. Bundle them together to save 15% on the total price. Learn more about e-book formatting here.

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Sarah has a great eye for detail and is familiar with all the ins and outs of book formatting. Even better, she's infinitely patient and kind about answering questions and making adjustments to your manuscript as needed. It's a pleasure working with her, and I'd absolutely do it again.

Katy Morgan, Author of the Compound Series

I recommend Sarah to any author seeking a creative, team-oriented, and patient book formatter. Her creative vision brought our story to life in ways we hadn’t imagined, making the final product truly special. Her dedication to her craft and commitment to client satisfaction make her an invaluable asset to any publishing endeavor.

Missy Villapudua, Author of The Year of the Rat

I’m ready when you are! Let’s get your incredible book publish-ready.